Why do Corporate Clients choose GPG? There are many reasons:
Free your time to focus on you and your business.
Focus on your business!
* Reduce Costs
* Low Cost to get started
* One System for everyone
* Payroll to Bank Accounts
* Payroll to cards
* Merchant Services with no chargebacks!
* International Reach
* Operational Efficiency
* Quick Payroll Payments
* Instant Transfer of Liability
* Government insured trust accounts
* Checks are costly!
* Checks are easily frauded!
* Payroll cards expensive internationally
* Comply with international regulations
* Experienced & connected management
* Make your people happy!!

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Reduce costs & focus on your business

You most likely have a lot going on. Why spend time and money on staff, supplies and hassles when you can outsource your payroll or commissions to GPG and save money, headaches and time?

Low cost to get started

The costs to get started with GPG are extremely low. Talk to us, you will be surprised.

One payroll system for everyone: banked and unbanked

This simplicity is critical for you. Be a hero to your employees or contractors! Don't let check cashing costs rob your people of their hard-earned payroll.

The power of paying to cards

People the world over have a credit card or debit card in their pocket. Regardless of whether our clients' payees are in the Americas, Europe, Asia or Africa, if they have a card, chances are they can get paid.

The power of Payroll to reloadable cards; no waiting

Would you rather spend money on Payroll cards, wait for them, store them and ship them or simply tell your unbanked employees or contractors to go to the store and get a reloadable card? They are widely available. They may already have one!

Merchant Services: another payment method if your people buy from you: the Game Changer

If you sell products or services to your Payees or offer them employee discounts, you can tell them to authorize their GPG profile to allow you to charge their paycheck for their purchases! No chargebacks, no expirations dates!!

International Reach

If you are not in the international arena already, chances are you will be soon. No one compares to GPG's ability to reach bank accounts, cash pickup locations and other networks, and no one can do it at a better price!

Operational Efficiency

Fire off your Payee data and fire off your payroll or commission run, and you are free to focus on your business!

Quick Payroll Payments

Other providers take a long time to get funds into the hands of Payees. "Never mess with someone's paycheck." We transmit instantly. The only timings to consider are the normal time frames in the country of the transaction.

Instant Transfer of Liability

Like any payroll processor, so long as your funds are good, you can fire your payroll or commission run and as far as you are concerned, your people are paid.

Your funds are secure in government insured trust accounts

You can rest assured knowing you have the protection of government insured trust accounts.

Checks cost you more than you think

Printing, stuffing and mailing checks is costly in terms of supplies and man-hours. You have to deal with return mail, stop payments and complaints of not getting paid. The American Payroll Association estimates the cost of mailing a check to be $3.50 each. You can't calculate the cost of tarnishing your reputation with your people.

Fraud possibility on checks is high

All the information needed to fraud your bank account is printed on your check. Online bill payment systems make it ridiculously easy to input that information and steal money out of your bank account! Do you personally know everyone you are giving checks to? If not, it may only be a matter of time before you become a victim of fraud.

US issued cards are expensive to use outside the US, up to $10 per withdrawal!

If you use a US card in an international ATM, you will pay an international card fee and get a poor exchange rate from the ATM. Then the card-issuer will charge you up to $5 for an international transaction. Ouch!

Legal Compliance: USA, UK, Canada & the World

This has to be a major concern for you. Compliant payroll is our business; you have better things to do. We will take of "KYC", "CIP", "BSA", the USA Patriot Act and international regulations so you can focus on your business.

Experienced Management

The GPG Management Teams' backgrounds range from banking to international finance, IT development and government. Our Chairman was a personal advisor to President Ronald Reagan. We have the know-how, the platform and the connections to continue to build GPG into an international power house.

Bottom line: Make your people happy; they will be more productive

You need to keep your people focused on their job. Paying them quickly and efficiently with many options that are both cheaper for you and them makes GPG a win-win for everyone. Happy people are more productive!

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Why Choose Global Payroll Gateway? There are many reasons:

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