How GPG Works: Overview of our world-class system
Government-grade payroll & commission processing and payment
The GPG Services Platform (“GSP”) is a proprietary payroll processing and delivery gateway system built by a team whose combined 50+ year expertise ranges from the Fortune 50 to banks and many governments. GSP was built to the same standards for security, systems information and accounting as required by such clientele. Our job is to build and maintain a pinnacle-standards system with millions of moving parts inside while at the same time making things simple on the outside.

On one side, GSP allows our corporate clientele a “Fire and Forget” system where they can process their net payroll and commissions securely and quickly while knowing their funds are safe in FDIC and CDIC insured trust accounts. Once fired, as far as our corporate clients are concerned, their Payees are paid.

On the other side of the gateway, Payees can configure their profile to deliver their pay to a wide variety of financial repositories such as bank accounts, paycards and cash pickup locations. It is important to note that there is no sign up process for Payees; their information must be loaded into GSP by their employer and as such, GSP is a closed-end system with all data originating from the corporate client.

As a provider, we distinguish ourselves from others by our extensive connectivity to global financial institutions and networks and by offering such connectivity at extremely reasonable rates. As our corporate clientele’s needs expand to more countries and more networks, we are uniquely poised to expand our reach given our high-level government, business and banking contacts.
Multi-Currency, multi-lingual and extremely focused
GSP by its nature must be able to support all world currencies and of course speak many languages. Foreign Exchange (“FX”) rates are fed to GSP directly by the FX market. All Payees are paid in the currency of their employer but can have funds transferred to them in their local currency at wholesale FX rates, a significant savings to them compared to other providers. True to our mission statement, we are focused on making sure global employees and contractors get more of their pay in their hands. Likewise, Payee Dashboards can be set to an ever expanding number of languages to best support the Payee.
Legal Compliance
Today’s global, electronic economy is becoming more regulated all the time to fend off everything from the funding of terrorism to the movement of illicit money, such as proceeds from illegal drugs sales and cyber-hacking of financial institutions. Much of the requirements worldwide today extend beyond simple Know-Your-Customer (“KYC”) and Customer Information Program (“CIP”) regimes. GPG maintains strict accordance with the USA Patriot act and a wide variety of other international financial regulatory and banking regulations.

How GPG Works: Overview of our world-class system

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