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How does this work for me?

In simple terms, your company loads information about you into our secure system which creates a Payee Profile. You, the Payee, must then come to the GPG website and Activate by providing us information required for legal compliance. Your company loads payroll information into the GPG system which runs on Payday...then you are paid. You can configure your Payee Profile to deposit your pay to your bank account (in many countries) or to various cards (many are available in stores), or to a Payroll card you may already have.

Why do I have to Activate?

GPG is very careful to follow all international regulations and laws concerning Anti-Money Laundering, Identity Protection and Payroll in general. One such requirement, for example, is the USA Patriot Act. We need you to confirm some basic information in order to ensure not only compliance with regulations and laws, but your security as well.

How will I know when my company has paid me?

The GPG system will automatically send an Email to you at the Email address we have on file and that you confirmed during the Activation process. Additionally, you can set the GPG system to send you a text message. To do this, log into the Payee Dashboard and turn on "Text me when I get paid" in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Please note that you may incur charges from your mobile carrier for receiving text messages, and our notification texts do not reach all mobile networks.

Is my information secure?

GPG takes the security of your data very seriously. The GPG network is operated using the latest security technology. All websites are protected by the latest VeriSign security. All sensitive data is stored using the latest encryption technology. GPG has partnered with some of the largest and most security-conscious banks and financial institutions in the world, requiring us to maintain extremely high security standards. Your information is safe.

How long does it take?

GPG is by definition a "Gateway" and as such we transmit instantly to your bank, card or paycard. The actual time it takes for you to receive your pay depends on the standard time frames of the financial institutions in your country and your employers processing and review time frames. There are no additional delays with GPG, and you should not experience any longer time frames than what you are already accustomed to in your country.

How do I transfer to my bank account?

Simply log into the Payee Dashboard and put your bank account information in your Payee Profile by clicking on the "Add Bank Account" button. Your information is of course encrypted and stored securely. You can login each time you are paid, or you can set up Automatic Payout. Please see the FAQ in the next section for more information regarding Automatic Transfer.

What cards can I use?

This is a very common question and the first part of the answer concerns your ATM card. You don't need to transfer to your ATM card, because you can simply transfer to your bank account instead. You can also make a transfer to a reloadable, pre-paid or payroll card issued by a US bank using our Direct Deposit to card service.

What Countries does GPG serve?

This list is constantly expanding. Please log into the Payee Dashboard and click on either Add Bank Account or Payday Cash Pickup™ in order to view a current list pulled directly from our database.

What are GPG Fees?

Fee structures are negotiated by our corporate clients and as such can vary based on which company you work for. In the end GPG, is committed to providing you the fastest, most secure service for the lowest possible price in order to make sure more of your hard-earned pay stays in your hands.

What is "Approve Purchasing"?

If you work for a company that offers employee discounts or sells products and services that are available to you, you can set your Payee Profile so that your company can take payment for your purchases from your paycheck. However, you must first authorize your company to have the ability to do this. Please log into the Payee Dashboard and read the information on the "Approve Purchasing" page.

Why did I not get a text message?

If you have set your Payee Profile to send you a text message every time your company pays you and you did not receive the message, rest assured, we sent it. However, not all mobile networks world wide are reachable by our system.

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